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Ramseyer is ready for take-off

Ramseyer supports the Academic Space Initiative Switzerland (ARIS) with technical advice and provision of safety relief valves and bursting discs.

Switzerland as a centre of research is close to our hearts! For Switzerland to succeed in the international competition, its innovative strength must be strengthened. The diverse research projects at the numerous universities form an important foundation for this.

Ramseyer was allowed to support the ARIS project team (Academic Space Initiative Switzerland) in the implementation of its ambitious rocket research project. The technical advice and provision of LESER safety relief valves and Schlesinger bursting discs were an essential contribution to the overpressure protection in the refuelling system by means of nitrous oxide as well as in the latest rockets in the project LEA 2022 (Liquid Engine ARIS).


In the last international "Spaceport America Cup" in New Mexico, the Helvetia-Rocket from Team ARIS, co-equipped by Ramseyer, showed an impressive performance:

  • a determined flight altitude of 10.4 km
  • a maximum speed of 1.2 Mach
  • after the mission (ascent) a successful landing with the help of a parachute


We are pleased to be able to help shape the Swiss culture of innovation and promote the outstanding talents of tomorrow. We are happy to participate in other interesting and innovative projects together with our expertise, our products and our partners.

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