Bespoke Seminars

In addition to our standard seminars that are held periodically, we also organise specific seminars on request, tailored to meet your needs. These training courses are led by experienced professionals and can either be held on our premises or at your site. Every participant will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the course.


Examples of possible training topics:

Installation and maintenance of safety relief valves

Every participant gains an insight into all stages of the full servicing of a safety relief valve. Alongside the provision of basic theoretical knowledge, we place particular emphasis on the practical aspect with demonstrations in our workshop.


Condensate technology

Instructive training on steam and condensate technology with focal topics specific to each customer.

To better illustrate a range of aspects through application-related tests, we can organise the use of the GESTRA mobile test stand in the week surrounding our one-day steam seminars, enabling us to carry out rolling test, information and training exercises directly on your premises.


Training on the safe use of valves

Explanation of the basic principles of steam and condensates, working with steam systems and their risks, a variety of guidelines and advice for working with pipework, safety relief valves, rupture discs and flame arresters.


This training can be easily adapted and tailored to meet your operational circumstances.


Don’t hesitate to contact your local field service consultant for further information or expert advice.