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New management at Ramseyer

The managing director of Ramseyer, Christian Surbeck, has taken a well-deserved retirement and handed over the leadership baton to Beat Geissmann.

Christian Surbeck has been with Ramseyer for 17 years and has successfully held the reins of the company throughout this time. He liked to compare himself again and again to a captain of a ship who has the steering wheel in his hand, but he would be shipwrecked without his crew. The sea was not always calm, there were also stormy times, but he has always managed to never lose sight of the horizon and to stay on course with the entire ship's crew.


In a festive occasion, the leadership bar was handed over to Beat Geissmann, who, together with the Ramseyer team, has taken up the voyage on the ocean liner and will lead the company as the new Managing Director with immediate effect.


The entire Ramseyer team would once again like to expressly thank Christian Surbeck for all his commitment over the past years and not only wishes him good health and well-being for the future but also that he finds the necessary time to linger. And one thing is certain, what Ramseyer is today is very much a reflection of Christian Surbeck.